St Andrews Poetrywall

St Andrews Poetry Wall is just that – an actual wall on the Lade Braes in St Andrews where I have a board where I write up short poems. The idea is to provide an outlet for residents, students, or visitors to the town to stop for a moment and read a poem, or to request poems that they find particularly apt or moving. I put up the poems on the board, photograph them, then put the pictures up on this blog, along with the full text of the poem, the poet, and the date of publication where known. Please do feel free to send in your suggestions and comments. Unfortunately poems have to be short; not more than two or three verses, any longer and they will not fit on the wall. If you have favourite verses, you can request which ones you would like to see on the wall. Also, let me know if you would like your request to be anonymous or if you would like your name on the wall underneath the poem. As the board is not waterproof, it will not be up every day, but I hope to have it up and to rotate the poems as often as possible, weather permitting. I do not put up poems that have not been previously published, but hope to link soon to websites that promote new writing. If work that remains within copyright has been put up and either the poet or their estate wish it removed, please contact me politely and I will be happy to remove it from the wall and from the blog. All comments on this blog will be moderated prior to publication, and comment which are offensive, personal, or incite hatred will be deleted.

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