Inspired by the sea at St Andrews – in Italian with a translation.

.inspired by the sea at St AndrewsIn elegant Italiana calm sea - unusual here P1000273                           Vorrei che mi sfiorasse la brezza marina
Dopo che essa abbia già accarezzato le scogliere dalla pelle ruvida.
E sentire il silenzio assordante lasciato indietro dall’eco che non torna ma se ne va ad aggregarsi al cielo sovrastante rimasto appeso proprio lì a gridare a squarciagola.


I pray that the sea breeze will brush over me
After already bestowing its caress on rocks sheathed in tough skin.
And oh to hear the deafening silence left in the wake of the one echo bound not to return
But headed instead for celestial union in the vaulting sky placed just right there
Resounding in full volume and in just one scream.”

thank you   Antonio Schiavone for this lovely poem and the translation

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