Hamish – St Andrews Cat About Town

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Hamish  –  St Andrews Cat About Town

When I was born

A green-eyed ginger kitten,

I was the bold one, the pick of the litter.


But I grew up.  Next life, lord of all

In a house in a mews,  behind a wall.

Soon I was like a cat on a hot tin roof  –


Until I fell off and landed on my feet.

Now I please myself, not shy, ubiquitous,

I go to dinner parties and sleep-overs.


I’ve escaped a catalogue of catastrophes.

I was a cat among the pigeons – and crows –

Rescued with a ladder, by lads.


I’ll let the cat out of the bag;

I’m the cat’s pyjamas.

I have countless Followers on Facebook.   (Needless to say, I do not tweet.)


And now, I’ve a graven image,

Right where I belong

In  the centre of my town.


For a real cat poem see   The Nine Lives of the Cat Mandu     (Jackie Kay)

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