St Andrews Day Scottish Names


You need to practise the ‘ch’ sound here.


SCOTTISH NAMES      Raymond Vettese

I love the names o Scotland;

Ecclefechan, Auchenblae,

Fordoun, Gourdon, Forfar, Kirkcudbright,P1000388

Dunnichen, Echt, Panadram, Drumtochty,

And wha could ignore Auchtermuchty?


I love the names o Scotland:

Hoo they dirl thro me, the stounds

O consonants, nieves o soonds

That dunt on the map; ilka ane redoondsP1000387

Wi stickit pride:these are my boonds!


I love the names o Scotland:

Friockheim, Fettes, Pittenweem, Pitcaithly,

Dunnottar, Dunfermline, Aberdower, Invertay,

Catterline, Corstorphine, Craigmillar, Cruden Bay,

And wha could ignore Clachnaharry?


I love the names o Scotland:

hoo e’en the prosaic is owerset

intil a ferlie ye canna forget,

tho it’s aiblins but a place whaur burns aince met

or a wee wuid fort wis, and is yet,


but only in the name. Oor past’s

chairted for us, oor history’s here,

in Balmaha, Birnam, Dunblane, Ardersier;

the names clash oot, tirl on the ear,

and wha could ignore  braw Durisideer?


I love the names o Scotland,

The names that are oors, and tho Wounded Knee

Is fine and fair and sad, it’s no Fyvie,

And gin Montrose, whaun I dee, winna hae me:

Bury my hairt in the cricket-pitch o Freuchie!

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