Autumnal Thoughts – a poem by our lovely Christine

Autumnal Thoughts                              Christine Johnson

Autumn has arrived with its mysterious

morning mists and mild frostiness.


The night rain has drenched the grass

with dewdrops which sparkle and shiver in the wind.


The cool morning sun penetrates the colourful trees,

dazzling the eyes with crimson reds,

soft yellows and deep dark browns.


The leaves whirl and swoop as the

wind scatters them along the stony paths.


Each one falling on the other like a giant kaleidoscope.

Shapes and colours twisting and

turning decorating the dry ground.


Their energy spent, they lie downtrodden and defeated.


They are dying when they seem most alive.


Shining with beauty, they patiently wait

for the wind to blow life into them once more.


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