If at first you don’t succeed – in Scots

The Spider’s Legend of Robert The Bruce               Hugh McMillan

Ah got scunnert tryin tae spin

a web for denner,

the stane wis a slaisterie,

ah couldnae get a grip,

ah wis hauf stairved by the end,

no even a midge tae claught,

then a big lug o a mon cam in,

raggety, right dosser,

mair hungert looking than me,

stairted eying me up,

ah thought, am off,

swung like a tarzan

oot the cave on a thread

thick as a wean’s wrist.

Seemed tae cheer him up.

Read more of the legend at http://www.scotclans.com/scotland/scottish-myths/royal-legends/bruce-spider/

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